10 Simple Ways to Build Your Marriage

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I came across this article last night and I thought it was worth sharing.

Even though the tips are simple and practical, I find we need to be reminded of the small things that make a difference to the everyday sweetness of our marriage. Some of the tips are things we can change right away like removing sarcasm, using our manners and praying for our marriage, and others are things that might involve some investigating and effort – like discovering your partner’s love languages and how that looks in your marriage.

I particularly agree with her tip regarding not assuming your spouses motivation. She writes:

“Assuming wrong motives quickly becomes a bad and dangerous habit, costing you the energy and misery of inner stewing. However, if you will develop the habit of assuming your spouse‚Äôs best intentions, you will be incredibly blessed: you will think more clearly, and you will enjoy your spouse more.”

I have found this to be true in my marriage. How easy it could be to avoid many silly arguments by following this advice!

Read the full article below:

10 Simple but Powerful Ways to Build Your Marriage
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