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Have Fun with your Kids these School Holidays

Well; School holidays are here and (call me crazy if you must) I have always LOVED the holidays because it means I get to hang out with my kids!!

Over the years we have had some great times together and they haven’t cost a fortune! We are a ministry family and have always been on a limited budget, but that hasn’t stopped us. With a little creativity and a spirit of adventure you CAN have an amazing time with your kids, give them lasting memories, and not have to deploy your credit card!!

Here are some of our tips;

• A family rider is one of our very best friends. For the cost of $12.10 ( Perth, Western Australia ) you can travel ALL over Perth, ALL day via public transport with your kids. (2 Adults and 5 kids) You can go from Yanchep to Mandurah, Fremantle to Midland. Wherever the trains and buses go, you can go. So much scope for adventure! We pack a picnic lunch and drinks, pick a destination and go. In the city we love to go to the Museum and Art Gallery. It is only a gold coin donation and there is always so much to see and do.
Note , I have spent a lot of time making sure that my children OBEYED me and always LISTENED to my instructions at ALL times .. We have always had rules when we go out and I have always expected that my children honour them. This has made going out with the kids a pleasure and not a chore.

• We like to hunt out local parks that have interesting playgrounds.. Pack a picnic lunch, your sunscreen and you have hours of free entertainment for the kids.

• Bushwalking is something we have done as a family over the years. I usually wait until my husband can join us to do this for safety reasons, but it is something we have always loved to do.

• We have chosen a book to read aloud together. A couple of our favourites have been; ‘Pollyana’, ‘The Secret Garden’, ‘ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, ‘Dr Dolittle’ and ‘A Little Princess’. There are some amazing books out there!

Here is a link to ‘Be a Fun Mum’ website. She has some excellent ideas. I hope that you find them helpful and that your kids and you make lasting memories these holidays!


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