Making Memories

Family is so precious


Friday evening our family did something we haven’ t done in a while. We packed up a simple BBQ dinner, loaded up the car and headed to the beach. We had a wonderful time hanging out together, walking along the shore during sunset, and making memories. It was long over due, and all of us remarked how much it was needed. It got me thinking how much the family unit today, is under threat.

making memories sunset
Sunset over the water – Making Memories

Family is so precious. It is where memories are made, relationships are strengthened and family ties are nurtured. Strong families are the basis for strong churches, strong individuals and a strong nation. Yet in the increasingly fast paced world we live in, our time together as
a family, and our families , are often neglected.

Our priorities need to change.

We need to make family time a priority.

So, how do we do that in this fast paced world, when there are often so many demands upon our time and our resources?

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.
It just takes TIME .

Our families need time . Time to worship together. Time to learn together. Time to pray together. Time to play together. Time to laugh together and even time to cry together.

Some of the best memories you will make as a family will be made simply by hanging out together. So as we venture into this new week I want to challenge you to spend time
with your family. Make some lasting memories, with the people you love, that will strengthen those family bonds, because family is precious!

May God bless and protect our families!

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