Review site of Movies, Apps, Games for Children – Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media - A Reivew site of movies, apps and games for children
Common Sense Media - A Reivew site of movies, apps and games for children

Review site of Movies, Apps, Games for children – Common Sense Media

These days digital media is so common and accessible. You can stream a movie on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. You can download games or apps with the touch of a few buttons.

With so much content out there which is so easily accessible, we as parents, rely on the rating systems to choose appropriate content for our kids. However, even with the G or PG ratings, there is often content or concepts within these media which are undesirable for our kids.

The Common Sense Media app aims to give parents further information about the media their children are viewing to make more informed viewing decisions.

From the Common Sense Media ratings system…

Our guidelines help you understand what content isn’t only age-appropriate but also developmentally appropriate for your child.

Below is an example of the rating system used by Common Sense Media:

Common Sense Media also provides reviews for apps and games, which is great as it can be harder to find information about the content of these forms of media.

If you are looking for appropriate content for your child you can use the website to search by your child’s age and it will display a list of results it considers appropriate. I know many parents when travelling on a long journey, often look to download learning apps or appropriate games for their child to play, so Common Sense Media would be a useful tool for this.

You can read about the Common Sense Media Ratings and how are they determined here.

You can view the reviews online at the Common Sense Media Website or download the Common Sense Media app from the App Store.

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